Saturday, February 23, 2008

5 more weeks till the Worlds

Wow, I'm kind of getting excited. I haven't been to the World Championships in a few years. Several reasons. I had a tough schedule, financially, the prize money is weak, the long trip is hard on my body and most importantly, I felt unprepared to win. This time is different. I've been practicing more than ever. I have to really sacrifice time with friends and family, shopping, and alot of the charity work that I normally used to say Yes to. I still do plenty, but not as much as before. Now, I just go to the gym, work in the office for a few hours and then go practice. Normally, I would spend half the day with my daughter, now I put her in full time day care. Of course she still takes trips with me when I'm gone for more than a day or two, but still I wish I could be with her more. I made a decision to commit to getting my game stronger than ever and I have to back that up. So, what am I doing? Mostly stroke drills. Playing by myself, working on smoothing out my stroke and timing. There are certain shots I isolate to build my confidence in specific areas. Of course, off the table, I'm getting really disciplined about working out everyday and making my back stronger. I hope I see you out there and you say HI. I feel your support out there. Thanks for reading.


Blogger z28flash said...

I think this will be a great opportunity to start off a successful 2008! Take it one ball at a time and go get 'em!!

March 2, 2008 at 7:19 AM  

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