Monday, September 26, 2011

These days

These days, things have been pretty busy at home. My husband gets up with the girls and helps Chey get ready for school. I used to have the baby girls all day but recently we got a full time daycare person to help with the little ones. I have a very very tough time in the morning from arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I'm very stiff, in a lot of pain and in a rush to get food in my stomach so I can take my Celebrex. Once I've had a good cup of coffee, I sit in front of the computer for a few hours, returning calls, making plans, answering emails....about once a week, I sneak off to Cheyenne's school to have lunch with her in her cafeteria....good ol cafeteria food is nothing compared to mom's yummy PB and J, carrots, apple sauce! Hehe! I've been going to my new gym, LA Fitness, it's very nice, but I'd really like to get out there five days a week. Not so easy. Every excuse in the book. I'm better off to go in the morning but my body doesn't want to go anywhere in the morning. In the afternoon, I rush to get work done in the office, grocery shop for dinner, pick up all the toys that I can't do in the morning or late at night from stiffness, and be free for Chey when she gets off the school bus. I spend a little time with her snacktime, homework, and play time before I start dinner and my babies are screaming for my attention....I've got the best babies in the world. By the end of the evening, there's no chance I have the energy to play pool. Problem is, deep inside, I'm still a world Champion and I'm screaming to play pool. My mind aches for it....I just need my body to...
So what's the plan? Get my swimming time to the top of my priority list. Get stronger physically so I can stand to play more pool. Create a stricter schedule. No more wasted time. I spent a little time with my coach Mark Wilson and my old coach Bob Carman is coming back this week. I'm not going to think about anything else. Just do it. Of course, I have to make a living and I need to work and spend time with my family, but my game won't be ignored any longer. I'm going to start playing hard again, whether or not it kills my back....because if I don't, it'll kill my soul......


Blogger podo59 said...

Go Gett 'em Jeanette! Best of luck getting back in the game! You are the best!

October 9, 2011 at 1:29 PM  

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