Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black Widow starts teaching in INDY

Something I've always loved to do is teach. I have always considered myself a student of the game and I've been fascinated by how well my coaches Mark Wilson and Jerry Briesath teach. I also the love the way my carom billiards coach and friend Ira Lee teaches. There's definitely an art to it. Some people just have a sincere passion for the game and know how to reach people, teach people in their own language. I mean, the students language. They know how to make things easier to understand. I've taught in the past and always enjoyed it but never seemed to have the time. There is so much I've learned and so much I want to share! There were always too many tournaments and special events to attend to and if I had any free time, I spent it with my family. Now, as my kids get older, I see so much more value in being home. I can't stand the idea of being away from home. So finally, I think it's time, it's worth me creating a program that allows me to spend quality time with my fans, teaching them how to become better players and I can still be home to have dinner with my kids and tuck them in at night! I hope this make you all happy because it surely makes me happy. I'm excited about it, I really am!! Now, this doesn't mean that I have quite competing. I still plan to play in ALL the WPBA Pro events, and travel to all the international events that make financial sense, but between events, I want to be able to grow pool from home while I'm growing my family! Well, raising my family. I really don't need to it grow in numbers! :) BTW, did I tell you? Our oldest Morgan and her hubby Jason are expecting! I can't wait!!! The future looks bright! I love you all, Thanks for being there!

Ahh, I guess I should give you info.

I plan to teach group lessons in Indy at a local pool room, have lunch, teach some more, play pool and sign autographs...The dates will be posted on my site and on my facebook Fan Page
So far, we have Nov 2 and Nov 22nd. First come, first serve, $300 per person for a day of pool, conversation and fun! with ME!!! Yay! To sign up or for more info, email


Blogger Ira said...

Best of luck teaching all your new billiard students! Inspire them like you always do. Have fun.

October 21, 2011 at 1:47 PM  

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