Thursday, November 3, 2011

WPBA Nationals

I've been thinking about pool so much lately. I try to squeeze in time every day to play pool. It is...really....squeezing it in. It's sad but the most of my time is spent at the computer working, marketing, etc and the rest of the time is spent with my kids. Last night I took Chey dress shopping. Tonight, we made beaded necklaces! You should see the ones they made me! One of a kind, for sure!!!

I've been doing some drills that Mark Wilson in St Louis gave me. They are called Power Drills. Hi, low, center, with a very hard hit/speed. I think it really shows any flaws you might have but it also is easy enough to pocket that you can concentrate on your preshot and post shot routine.

Outside of that, I'm playing different friends 9ball mostly. I prefer to play straight pool but it eliminates the break and I really need that practice so, oh well. I'll definitely try to post blogs or twitter/facebook while I'm at the tournament next week. Mostly, I'm working out to get stronger. I think my legs and back got really weak during my last pregnancy and now, it's painful and I get worn out quickly. That's ok, as long as I do something about it.....for now, making time to swim is essential! Love you, Jeanette


Blogger Dale Woolley said...

I can remember when you would come into Bruce's on the westside and play on the tournament tables in the back...good luck in the tourney and if you ever need a practice

December 26, 2011 at 7:46 PM  

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