Friday, June 15, 2012

Goals, Goals, Goals

Hi all.  It's been a while. I think I've gotten so caught up with getting more familiar with Facebook and I love the instant gratification of hearing from my fans on my Fan Page of my Facebook page  /jeanetteleetheblackwidow

I just got back from a tournament in Tulsa.  It's was a long week away from my kids.  I played pretty well for most of the tournament.  I always seem to feel so unprepared because I used to play so many hours a day and now, with all the kids and the necessity to keep marketing myself with the help, of course, of my awesome agents at Octagon, Mike Scherer and Teddy Bloch.  The industry is down because of the economy and yet, people are playing pool everywhere!  It's just a fun thing to do, every night of the week, with friends, with strangers, in pool leagues (go APA!) and in homes!  I'm as busy as ever doing corporate exhibitions for people like Bass Pro Shops and Maui Jim, and of course, I've got my very own APA Black Widow Tour which I'm so proud of!   Every year I set goals for myself!  Of course, as always, I want to be number one again!  The problem is whether or not I have time to make that a reality.  Some of our women are able to dedicate a lot more time to actually playing than I do.  I hope that I make up for some of that with  experience, knowledge, and tons of heart!  That's not to say I don't practice but some of them can practice ten hours a day!  With all my little girls and trying to keep my name relevant and my business running smoothly, that is definitely challenging.  

Another goal is to really get more quality time with my kids.  I do tend to focus a lot on their development.  Whether or not they are healthy, meeting all of the milestones they should be, and for the little ones, getting them reading as soon as possible.  I think teaching them the love of reading is SOOOOO important and a great tool for them through life and their own selfconfidence.  I just think, once they can read on their own, an entire new world opens up for them.  And until then, I want to read to them all the time to keep growing their minds. I want them to have music skills, artistic skills, social skills, be articulate, polite, loving, kind, thoughtful.....But getting back to my goal, I want to just snuggle with them more, I want to play with them more, I want to make them laugh and cry with me more.  Don't get me wrong, my girls adore me...but I want to do more. I always feel guilty that I'm gone so much.  The most important thing I always say to them, I love them...NO MATTER WHAT and they are perfect and beautiful just the way they are...not how I want them to be...growing them is part of my job....but loving them is what I was born to do.....

I also have recently accepted my invitation to be on the event host committee for the Women's Sports Foundation.  They are an organization whose mission is dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity.  They have been a HUGE part of who I am today.  I was number one in the world when I was first introduced to them. They taught me about leadership. I can say, they single handedly taught me the importance of being a true role model and giving back to my sport as well as my community and beyond. Not only in the words they said to me, but the opportunities they gave me to be part of an organization so great, that they taught me every step of the way and always made me feel like they were there for me while I was and still am learning.   I have had such an incredibly poor medical history, with all kinds of physical obstacles.  I always worry that my children will be as weak as I've always been.  The WSF gives me hope and a path to follow.  It's so nice to have a path, to have direction when you feel lost.  I want my children to be athletes in life.  They are all so smart, but being active and healthy is so important to teach our children.  It will give them strength and confidence. It will teach them skills beyond the sport itself.  To deal with people and overcome their own fears.  I can't tell you enough.  Please, if you would, check out, learn about them, and if you can, donate and support them in any way possible!   This summer, I'll be kicking a soccer ball, riding bikes, swimming and going walking with my kids.  I also go to the gym with my son John and I even started playing racquetball...poorly...but it's a start! 

I'd like to be a better Christian, I simply don't MAKE the time for Him!  Which really, helps ME...but I'm so selfish and I tend to grease the wheel that squeaks the loudest.

I want to be a better wife.  I want to support my husband and lift him up.  I want to be less bossy and stop talking so much and listen more.  He is a good man and he needs to know I appreciate him, not with words but by action.  He is the one that taught me long time ago. It's easy to say you love some one, it's another thing to show it.  Love is an action, not a feeling.  Show your love to the ones you love. And if you can, show love to the ones you don't.  

God Bless you all!  


Blogger Suki Ho said...

you are so great enough
always support you

i like the sentence
Show your love to the ones you love. And if you can, show love to the ones you don't.

and i like to read your blog
you always teach me some lessons.

love you:)

your fans in Taiwan

June 20, 2012 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Mary Jayne Merchant said...

Just saw you for the first time in Indy at APA State. You are an inspiration! You carry yourself well and are a beautiful woman. I was impressed that you have 3 kids and married and still do all that you do! It is very hard, but it sounds like you have the right goals. Just remember that family is a big part of who you are today and children grow really quick to be adults. Don't let that time slip away. Always tell the Lord you love him and have him show you his goals for you. You will go far...peace...Mj newbie fan in Kokomo,IN

December 2, 2012 at 6:21 AM  

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