Monday, August 27, 2012

Tony Stewart Foundation

This last week, I went to Tony Stewart's house for his Tony Stewart Foundation and played pool and hung out with him and a bunch of incredible animals from the Columbus Zoo.  Full Grown Cheetah, baby White Tigers, a baby kangaroo to name a few.  Incredible.  Who gets to do things like that?  He's such a cool person, I've known Tony for a while through my friendship with Johnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops.  Glad we spent more time together.  The next day, I flew out to spend time with my greatest fans, APA league players, who "made it to Vegas"!  It's our Team Championships and all the people that make it LOVE pool and some of them even love ME!!!  :)  I brought my daughter Cheyenne and my friend Marlene and we hung  out with our friends Misty and Jason Dusel and one of my good friends Kris Moran stopped by from Phoenix for a day!  I really enjoy my time there.  It was much easier on me this year because I didn't have a Black Widow Booth, where people could challenge me to a game of pool and sell my items...a LOT less work....and I'm glad I did it.....but next year, I think I'll have the booth.  I really felt like the fans missed having those extra opportunities to play with me, talk to me, etc.  Now that it's all over, they'll have to catch me on my APA Black Widow Tour.
  My mom is visiting this week.  I really appreciate time with her more and more as I get older.  I really what a powerhouse I can be and how hard raising me must have been....I love her so much.  She has so much patience and wisdom.  She loves her grandchildren and they love her!

About my pool game?  I feel pretty strong. I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I feel like I make the most of my game for how little I actually train compared to how much I used to.  I have more obligations now.  Between all the kids and continuing to run my business....I just have to be careful how I use the rest of my time.  Do I love pool as much as ever?  Absolutely.  I intend to play a lot more pool now that my kids school is back in session.  I think my biggest challenge will be to continue to make my body stronger so I last the final sessions of a Pro Event.....Fitness is important to winning a championship..but for's critical.
I intend to work on my stroke, keep that timing and consistency going.   I have a BreakRak, which I LOVE. It helps me work on my break, obviously, but I also use it for practicing power draw and follow shots, straight in...It's so cool to NOT have to set my shots back up over and over again.   I also want to work on my bank shots at different speeds.  Work on kicking better....outside of that, as long as I keep playing pool with my friends, hard and focused, I think that's enough to keep me sharp.  Talk to you soon! 


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