Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thankful for my family during the holidays

During this Holiday Season, I have had a little time to reflect on where my life is right now. How blessed I am to have a great family. Thank you GOD for loving me, for watching out for me and all those I love!
My mom is so considerate.  She is caring, generous, loving, hardworking, thoughtful, self-sufficient, helpful to her loved ones and to her community!  She's been there for me through every surgery I've had and most of all, she has shown me unconditional love.  She is everything I hope to be!  My dad has worked hard his whole life and I'm grateful that he has been there for my mom and us.
My husband is such a good man.  He is so loving to his children, he'll help any friend or stranger, he is super hardworking, he is dedicated and loyal, he is handy with anything around the house, he is witty, funny, smart, and so easy to get along with!   I'm so grateful he supports my love of pool!
My daughter Morgan.  She has married a wonderful husband Jason.  He is kind and supportive to her and all of us!  My Morgan has turned into such a lovely young lady. She keeps a beautiful house, works hard at their farm,  is a loving wife and mother and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. She knows how much her letters and photos mean to me with her living so far away!  My little Grandbaby Elliette is going to celebrate her first Christmas with Grandma and our whole family.
Olivia is so smart and fun to be with. She always makes time to visit us.  She stays true to herself and you know she is sincere!  We love how creative and artistic she is. She is super loving to her sisters and we always knows she is there for us whenever we need her, just as we are.
Johnny just showed me his grades for his winter semester in his junior year in college.  I am so proud of him!  He's killin' it!  I know college kids like to party and hang out!  I don't like it, but I also want him to be honest with me and know I'll be there if he ever needs me to drive or pick him up, or anything else!!  But with all the things that happens at college, he manages to stay healthy, work out every day, keep his grades rocking, and most importantly, he makes time to come home and hang out with me and the girls.  Most kids come home and spend every minute with their friends.  He loves hanging with his friends but it means so much to me that he also stay home and hangs out with me because I miss him so much!
Cheyenne is 8 now, in the fourth grade.  She is certain she wants to be an author. She reads books as fast as she gets them!  Very into this Warrior series!   She is very sweet and very easy.  She is healthy and loves to learn about science and history.   She's my first baby and she's so precious!
Chloe is 3 and is so full of energy!  Like....the energy of all of us put together!  Super smart, a bit devious, stubborn, and curious about everything.  On the other hand, she is very very loving, adoring, sweet, funny and a very good big sister to Savannah.  She has such a strong but wonderful personality!
Savannah is my littlest and LAST one!  She is gentle and easy.  She loves to smile and laugh! She loves, puzzles, and games, and loves to do tumbles and flips!  Most of all, she loves music. She loves to dance and is quite good at it!   I'm so glad that she'll stay little for just a little longer!  I love this age!
While they all know they are getting Gifts, I'm proud that they understand the spirit of Christmas and they are not all caught up in the Frenzy that can be quite stressful.  I love my family.  We are all going to enjoy a family vacation this New Year with all my kids and my mom, who they call "Halmuni" , Korean for Grandma!
Lastly, I'm thankful for my closest friends who have always been there for me, whether I need them or not!  I'm thankful for my Fans who keep me going when times are tough, and I'm thankful for this beautiful sport I love!   Have a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year!  Be thankful for all those you love!


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